§  Do not employ domestic servants, drivers and security men without obtaining acceptable references and/or guarantors that you may need to fall back on.

§  The employment of a “Mai Guard” who has no acceptable referee(s) is a threat to the security of the whole household.

§  Do not invite or give hour house address indiscriminately. Have a good background information on the person before you do so.

§  It is always preferable, for security reasons, to receive your personal and official guests in your office.

§  Avoid indicating your residential address and private phone numbers on your call/complimentary cards.

§  Do not keep a large amount of money at home for any reason. Always avoid the temptation.

§  Do not allow your driver or other domestic servants to know when you bring home large sums of money.

§  Always keep important documents and valuables in banks vaults or very secured places. Ask for advice from your bankers.

§  Avoid organizing parties at your residence, especially if unfamiliar guests will be present. Use hired premises instead.

§  Do not spray cash at parties as you may easily attract the attention pf robbers and other criminals to yourself.

§  Help raise an alarm or call the police any time your neighbor is being attacked or is in any serious risk.

§  If you notice any unusual movement of person(s) around your compound, be vigilant and if you are suspicious, contact the police immediately.