Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Anambra Newspapers and Printing Cooperation (ANPC) Publishes of National Light Newspapers Sir Chuka Nnabuife has called for the restructuring of Nigeria. 

Nnabuife in an interview with Journalist in Awka said "Restructuring of the country is a current and incumbent discuss around the country.

" Coincidentally, restructuring is also a discussion ongoing in several countries like Spain, United Kingdom, USSR, United Stated of America, Sudan, South Africa and many other country but in Nigeria, it is a very burning issue.

"Everybody must be involved for restructuring to come to be, especially for the fact that in Nigeria, it has passed through from the common man discuss to the legislature who are the representatives of the people.

Speaking further, Nnabuife emphasized saying 'we have had a national conference on it, it is now an issue which the Executive are figuring out the best way to do it. 

'Everybody is concerned, everybody is offering their opinion and we Nigerians are expecting the winning of the best option to come out from both the Executive and Legislature.

On his part, Chairman Nigeria UnĂ­on of Journalist Anambra Council Sir Emmanuel Ifesinnachi in an interview with Newsmen added saying 

'If restructuring is achievable, it is because we are in a Democratic era and when you talk about Democracy, you talk about the people and the separation of power because it bothers on all the arms of government who are giving the statutory constitutional role to play for Democracy to strive in Nigeria.

" The agitation on restructuring lingers on the fact that certain alms of the government are either depraved from performing their constitutional responsibility or that they are marginalised.

"If we decide that democracy should be what its suppose to be, we got to restructure these country for us to be developed

" Part of the problem we are having in Nigeria is that some section of the country wants to be dominating at the detriment of the rest of the country. If we decide that Nigeria will develop, then we must restructure.

They both spoke after the book lunch on Restructuring Nigerian Unworkable Federal Structure. Written by Polycarp Onwubiko a columnist with National Light Newspaper
These subject matter  has raised dust not only at national or state level but also at local level which has narrowed down to gatherings of individuals around streets, bars, motor packs and so on