Transmission rates for HIV are in the range of 0.03% to 0.3% for hetero-sexual vaginal intercourse. The transmission rates are higher if the HIV infected person has a higher viral load.
Viral load indicates the rate at which the virus is multiplying in their body. Viral loads are low if the person is taking appropriate medication (Anti Retroviral Therapy or ART). Medication for HIV is highly effective, provided they are taking it regularly and correctly and the virus can become undetectable in their blood.
The transmission rates are also higher if either of the partners has an injury or ulcer on the penis or vagina, either partner has another STI (sexually transmitted infection) and if you indulge in unprotected sexual intercourse. This can be greatly reduced, but not completely, by the use of condoms.
The use of ART and condoms simultaneously can reduce the transmission of HIV through hetero-sexual vaginal intercourse by upto 99% or more. This is only if condoms are used correctly and for every act of sexual intercourse.
The short answer to your question is, yes there is a very small chance of contracting HIV even with the use of condoms. The number of factors in play are too many to be able to give a clear answer to this question.