Nobody is against Buhari because of religion! Yaradua was a Muslim (we all loved him).

Nobody is against Buhari because of ethnicity! Yar'adua was Hausa-Fulani (we loved him).
Nobody is holding Buhari's sickness against him! Yar'adua was sick (we all prayed for him).
Nobody is asking Buhari to perform magic of transformation. Yar'adua did not perform magic, he took little steps in the right direction that endeared him to us.
There was global recession in 2007-2009, one man came, saved us from the crisis. Saved Billions of Dollars for Nigeria, increased salaries, reduce pump price. I don’t know how he did it when he was sick,
and he didn’t blame anyone. His name is
Umaru Yar’adua.
We never hate rather our brain is intact to feel the realities.
When a president is incompetent, he blames the opposition. When he is intellectually lazy, he blames the youth. When he fails in securing Nigerians, he blames Libyans. A man who appoints the dead will always disappoint the living.
Buhari has no excuse.
Vote APC out ~ Hon. J.o.Umah