The only Christian girl, Leah Sharibu who remained in the dreaded Boko Haram cgamp after being abducted early last year is dead. A family source who pleaded anonymity confirmed this to BZ PROGRAM today.

The source said "We knew Leah was already dead but were under pressure to remain mute until after this presidential election, in order to protect the president's image"

President Buhari and his followers are going about campaigning and rejoiching while no one dare to asked him and he refused to say a word about Leah Sharibu release.

That tells you how insincere the conscience of the average Nigerian Christian is.

I knew that Obi Ekwesilieze had something she was not willing to tell Nigerians as the reason why she withdrew from presidential race. She did so because the news was leaked to her and she was warned to keep her mouth shut. She suddenly realized that the hero whom she hailed and voted for to BRING BACK OUR GIRLS has turned out to be a blood sucking monster.

Those Christians who still want Buhari to continue have a case to answer on the judgment day. But for those of us in Christ, we will moun this martyr, Leah Sharibu for fighting a good fight of faith.

Meanwhile, all concerned Christians are called to observe a fast till church service is over 2moro. All Pastors should use the pulpit tomorrow to engage the flock on a talk-shop - 'What we must do to flush the Beast call Buhari.' The Bible recommend that "Say to the righteous, 'IT IS WELL.