If I were Buhari, I would just don't border contesting the next election because I will be embarrassed based on his fake WAEC result.

First there was no Class 6 in 1962.

Secondly, woodwork and health science were not offered in 1962.

Thirdly, he couldn't have made A3 in History.

Fourthly, this is an SSCE result sheet and not a British Cambridge result sheet.

Fifthly, Ministry of Education, Katsina State is not an examination body and cannot issue exam result.

Cambridge had asked Buhari to apply for a copy of his result sheet if any. Why has Buhari refused to apply for a copy? There is none.

Sixth, Muhamed and Muhammad are not the same person.

Therefore, even if INEC awards him all the votes of 2019, he still stand disqualified because he forged his certificate. The world is watching and also taking notes.

Nigerians should speak up now or shut up in international fora.

I think Buhari should surrender himself for trial just as Fayose did. Forgery is corruption. Lying under oath is perjury. He has no right to speak about fighting corruption when he is wearing the corruption agbada.